Its supposed to be singing obnoxiously but whatever, when she sings I actually find it quite nice and relaxing. Very soothing to just snuggle up and relax.  I miss that. Got to appreciate the little things that sometimes people take for granted.

Skipping 31. Sorry. And so ends the winter drawing challenge. Its nice to know one month has slowly ticked by, hell one year. This has probably been a pretty taxing year for me and I’m glad to welcome a fresh new year. Thanks for sticking with me regardless. Happy New Year.

Happy Holidays again everybody!

Here is another week of winter challenge drawings! Featuring the gift of Butt.

Also want to point out that Deanna is the only person I know who is ticklish on the top of her feet instead of bottom. haha, weird. Another weird thing I noticed while drawing these this week was that my computer doesn’t even have skifree anymore. Wtf? When they stop including that with windows, now there will be a generation of people who have no idea of the horrors of being chased by the yeti.

And yes I am betting we will have 3d printers advanced enough to just print wearable clothing ( and other things) when I’m an old man. That and Star Trek holodecks lol. Oh the fun to be had in there. Though I don’t look forward to being old. Oh man no. Drawing us old feels awkward.

Welp, only 3 days of this challenge left, kind of sad really, I’ve been really enjoying this and so has Deanna. It has been very therapeutic too. Thanks for putting up with it. I’m glad some of you have actually even been enjoying these!

3rd Week of the winter art challenge. Some of them were kind of boring, and lol snow shoveling cop out, but its true, sucks to live in the suburbs.  Also oops depressing one, oh well, I do really wish I could hibernate through the winter just to sleep these long boring months away, being away from Deanna is draining and horrible. Ugh.

Deanna I don’t care how bad you think you are at cooking you are still my favorite cooking buddy.

Second week of the Winter Art Challenge I’m doing for myself and my fiancee. Mmyup. This weeks themes got kinda steamy… heh. And awkward, I’ve never drawn people making out before. ANYWAY feel free to not look at them oh god 

In all seriousness though, these art challenge meme’s are really great for working out of an art block. Really great! I’ve been pumped about drawing more than ever this month. 

I’ve also noticed this particular pokeddex challenge going around tumblr and I figured I do it too! Why not! Pokemon are fun. So here are my favorite of the first 7 types, sorta. Aggron is part Rock I swear! Again I’ll keep these to 1 post a week.

Warning mushy content! Hah, I’m doing this winter drawing challenge this month. As you may or may not know my girlfriend of 7 years now had to move away for school a few months ago. The whole LDR thing has been tougher than expected especially after living together for 6 years and I’m doing this as a sort of bonding thing or.. idk, an excuse to draw us lots. Because that makes me happy. Its very therapeutic! These are the first seven days, I wont spam your dash with this everyday and keep them for once a week. Please ignore if my over sentimentality makes you nauseous! 

Also yeah, can you believe it, I saw snow for the first time in my life at the age of 24, but we lived in a somewhat dense city and had no where to really sled except a cemetery behind our apartment. So we snuck in there in the middle of the night and that was my first and only sledding experience. Hahaha. Fun.

Thanks to Ray for suggesting this challenge! These always seem to get me back into drawing.